Adilas API setup

  1. Click on Tools from the navigation menu and select Hypur Connection
  2. Click on the Settings button for Adilas
  3. Click the Generate New API Key button
  4. Copy the entire API key
  5. Login to Adilas
  6. Navigate to the classic homepage
  7. Select Manage Corp Info & Permissions from the System Management section
  8. Click Go
  9. Click on the More Options... button
  10. Click on 3rd Party Solutions
  11. Find Hypur on the list of Adilas approved third party solutions
  12. Select Yes, I want to open this door! In the Authorization section
  13. Paste your API key into the Merchant Token section
  14. Select the Merchant Type from the drop down menu
  15. Select your preferred Invoice Lock settings from the drop down menu
  16. Click the Save Settings button
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