What to expect from a Hypur Merchant Training

Q: How do I join the meeting?

A: You will receive an email calendar invitation to an UberConference meeting. Within the email, a link to join the screenshare portion of the call with the dial-in and PIN number will be provided.

  • If the computer you are using does have a speaker and microphone, you do not need to dial in for audio.
  • If the computer you are using does not have a speaker and microphone, please call the Dial-in Number and enter the PIN to join the audio portion of the meeting while watching the visual portion on your computer.


Q: Can I automatically add the meeting to my calendar and share it with others on my team?

A: Most email providers give you the option to respond “Yes” to accept or “No” to decline the meeting invitation within the message, which should add it to your calendar automatically. You can forward the email to anyone else on your team and they should have the same option to accept the meeting.

  • Regardless of how your email and calendar systems work, forwarding the email to your team members will provide them with all the information they need to join the meeting, including date and time, and the link and call-in info.


Q: What technology is required?

A: You’ll need:

  1. A computer with an internet connection
  2. Microphone and speaker for the computer OR a phone to dial in for audio
  •  If you have a large group joining the meeting, it may be helpful to project your computer screen onto a larger monitor or TV.


Q: What do I do if I hear an echo during the meeting?

A: Eliminate echoes by muting multiple sources of the meeting audio.

  • Make sure you have disabled the audio on your computer if you used a phone to call into the meeting.
  • Mute your microphone.


Q: How long does training take?

A: Training typically takes about 30-45 minutes, depending on the solutions your financial institution subscribes to.


Q: What does the training cover?

A: Training covers:

  • Signing into Hypur
  • Uploading your business logo
  • Setting up employees
  • Accepting a payment
  • Issuing a refund
  • Viewing reports
  • "My Business" (dependent upon financial institution and role)
  • Support
  • Marketing support
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