Employee roles and settings

When adding or editing an employee, you will set an employee role. Each role can access different features within Hypur. 

  • Staff have access to Sales and can process a transaction using Hypur. They also have access to Issue Refund from within the sales page.
  • Managers also have access to Sales and Issue Refund within the sales page. They can also access the Reports, EmployeesTools and Vault. Reports allows a manager to view Hypur Commerce reports. Employees allows a manager to add and edit employees for the business. Tools allows a manager to change settings for the business location they are logged into. Vault allows users to manage pick up and delivery of cash to the business.
  • An Administrator can access My Business in addition to all the features managers and employees can access. My Business allows an owner to upload business related documents, change the business logo, and manage business license information. 
  • Consultant can access Business Documents within the My Business section. 

Note: Click on the Email Notifications checkbox for the employee to receive document request related email notifications - these email notifications are for document request notifications ONLY. You must be the primary contact for your financial institution, an Administrator, or a Consultant to receive document request related email notifications. The preferred delivery time will set a one hour window for scheduled emails to be delivered after the selected time. You may still receive unscheduled emails such as a declined document notifications or new document requests outside of the preferred delivery time.


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