Leaf Logix payments and refunds

To accept a payment using Leaf Logix:

  1. Process the transaction as usual until it is time to accept a payment.
  2. Click on Hypur in the Payment details section. 
  3. Select your customer from the Get Check In Users list.
  4. Enter the amount of the transaction in the Hypur Amount field.
  5. Provide the customer with the USB number pad to enter their PAC (Personal Access Code).
  6. Click on Process Hypur Payment.
  7. The confirmation number will be displayed in the MDHypur Results Select By section. 

To issue a refund using Leaf Logix:

  1. Highlight the transaction in the MDHypur Results Select By section.
  2. Click on Refund Payment
  3. A success confirmation will be displayed.

 Note: An error message will be displayed if the transaction is not successfully processed.

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