Desktop Check-in

Desktop Check-in - no phone, no sign-in, no MFA required by the customer:

  1. Click on Sales in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the green Desktop Check-in button.
  3. Ask the customer for their mobile number associated with their Hypur profile and type it in, then click the Check-in button. 
  4. The customer will be displayed on the list of checked-in customers. 
  5. Once they are ready to check-out, select the customer, enter the tender amount and have the customer enter their PAC number and Done!

Note: The consumer will receive a SMS notification that they have been checked in to a merchant. Desktop check-in is not available to customers until they have accepted the Terms & Conditions and setup a payment source. An error message will be displayed if check-in's are unavailable for the customer. Customers will be removed from Desktop Check-in after two hours.

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