Desktop Check-in

Desktop Check-in - no phone, no sign-in, no MFA required by the customer:

  1. Click on Sales in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the green Desktop Check-in button.
  3. Ask the customer for their mobile number associated with their Hypur profile and type it in, the customer has the option to Check-in or Pay Now
  4. If the customer decides to select the Pay Now button, they will be directed to a purchase amount modal, where they enter the purchase amount and select Hypur.
  5. The customer will then be asked for their PAC number to authorize the transaction.
  6. If the customer decides to choose Check-in, the customer will be displayed on the list of checked-in customers. 
  7. Once they are ready to check-out, select the customer, enter the tender amount and have the customer enter their PAC number and Done!

Note: The consumer will receive a SMS notification that they have been checked in to a merchant. Desktop check-in is not available to customers until they have accepted the Terms & Conditions and setup a payment source. An error message will be displayed if check-in's are unavailable for the customer. Customers will be removed from Desktop Check-in after two hours.

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