Why do you require my personal information and how is it used?

Hypur allows you to make secure purchases. Your personal information is used to protect you against fraud. Here’s a summary of what information we collect and how we use it:

  • Name and address: Used to verify your identity
  • Date of birth: Used to verify your age
  • Social security number: We are required by law to ask for your SSN# to verify and validate your identity.
  • Mobile phone number: This is where we send security verification codes.
  • Checking account number and routing number or bank login: We ask for this information in order to link your payment source. Your payment source is used to pay merchants.
  • Personal Access Code (PAC #): Your Personal Access Code (PAC) is used to verify, validate and authorize your purchases. We want to make sure purchases are made by the verified and authorized user of the payment source connected. 
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