How to make a one time Business to Business payment

To make a one time business to business payment request:

  1. Click on the link to view and pay the payment request in the Hypur Payment Request email to open a new tab.
  2. Click on the Make a one-time payment button.
  3. Review the payment request information for accuracy. There may or may not be an invoice available to download. 
  4. Select when the payment will be made from the Payment Option drop down menu. Enter a Scheduled Date if Future Date was selected.
  5. Click the Proceed to payment method button.
  6. Update the Business Name if necessary.
  7. Fill our your First Name and Last Name.
  8. Update the Business Name if necessary.
  9. Fill out the Business Address.
  10. Fill out the Business Phone Number.
  11. Click Sign into your bank to link a checking account to make the payment.
  12. Fill out the Signer Name.
  13. Sign the payment request in the Signature field then click AcceptThe accept button will not be displayed until the signature field has been filled out. 
  14. Click on terms and conditions to review the terms and conditions. 
  15. Click Accept or Decline the terms and conditions. 
  16. Click Finalize PaymentThe Finalize Payment button is not displayed until all required fields are filled out and the terms and conditions have been accepted. 
  17. A success confirmation will be displayed. 
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